3Design & prototype development studio

With specialized tools for 3D modeling and reverse engineering and by using 3D printing and CNC processing technologies, we quickly design, develop, and manufacture models and prototypes from high quality materials.

We specialize in:

razvoj novih idejnih rješenja, reverzibilno 3D modeliranje, izradu odgovarajuće nacrtno – tehničke dokumentacije i pratećih 3D vizualizacija, izradu prototipova, modela i dijelova korištenjem naprednih tehnologija poput 3D skeniranja, CNC obrade, 3D printanja, izrade kalupa itd.

viakornel usluge

Small shipbuilding and ship interiors

By using advance CAD tools for design, 3D documentation and reverse engineering, we are able to develop a new design or restore different types of ships and vessels, their interiors and equipment. We optimize all our models as needed for their fast production by using 3D printing and CNC technology, laser or plasma cutting, etc...

viakornel usluge

Electric and solar powered ships

Primjenom naprednih 3D alata, spojem kreativnosti i tehničkih zahtjeva, u mogućnosti smo voditi projekte dizajniranja, inženjeringa,  i razvoja novih idejnih rješenja iz područja male brodogradnje koja se odnosi na elektro brodove i brodove na solarni pogon.

3d rekonstrukcije

3D reconstruction and 3D scanning

We develop 3D reconstruction projects in the domain of wooden boatbuilding, ship, and yacht interiors, underwater archaeology, and restoration-conservation works. By using modern technologies such as reversible 3D modeling and 3D scanning, we can create complex 3D reconstructions and, if it is necessary, produce their replicas/missing parts, quickly and accurately.

lasersko graviranje

Laser engraving and cutting, CNC carvings, 3D print

Za svaki novodizajnirani ili rekonstruirani 3D model možemo ponuditi njegovu optimizaciju i izradu korištenjem tehnologija laserskog graviranja i izrezivanja, CNC obrade, 3D printanja, izrade kalupa, vakuumskog formiranja plastike itd.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Applying and using advanced 3D technologies, we sped up the designing process, development, and production of prototypes/models while reducing cost and fieldwork demands

What services do we offer?

Naval architecture, boatbuilding, floating structures

3D modeling and marine 3D visualizations

3D scanning and 3D documentation

technical documentation (CAD/CAM)

ship interior design and workshop documentation

classic yacht and boat conceptual design

small floating structure projects

3D reconstructions and 3D scanning

boat and ship 3D reconstructions

marine and underwater archeology 2D /3D documentations

historic reconstructions

damaged or missing part / figures reconstructions

3D scanning and 3D documentation

CNC Laser engraving and cutting, CNC carvings, 3D printing

CNC laser engraving / laser cutting

CNC carving (wood & modeling foam

3D printing

boat and classic yacht conceptual design

fiberglass, plaster and epoxy resin mold design

custom LED signs and plexiglass LED art, wood signs, carved 3D letters and signs

How we work



Measurement & 3D scanning

By using 3D scanning technology, we quickly, efficiently, and in the highly detailed 3D documents and spatially define the objects we are working on.


3D modeling and reversible engineering

If there is no object in question, then it is necessary to perform 3D modeling of the same based on existing sketches, drawings and images. On the other hand, if the project is based on a 3D scanned model, then it should be edited, repaired and optimized for further use of some of the production CAD / CAD technologies.


Model and prototype development using CAD / CAM / 3D print technology

Based on a well-defined 3D model, its preparation and optimization for production is performed by using some of the CAD / CAM technologies such as CNC laser cutting, CNC milling, plasma or water jet cutting, 3D print technology…


Delivery of manufactured parts, 3D visualization and technical documentation

Upon completion of the model, prototype, or a certain replacement / missing part of the object, it is packed and delivered to the desired address. For the same, if necessary, technical documentation of assembly, attractive 3D visualizations of the future finished project appearance, etc. are prepared.

Who do we work with?

shipbuilding design offices

boatbuilders and conservators

shipowners, marinas and ship services

maritime and historical museums


ship interior designers


underwater archaeologists

Why use our technologies and services?

- we increase productivity

 - we speed up the design process

- we speed up the development and production process

- we increase profits

- we reduce costs

- we minimize field work


Meet our partners and customers

Fast and accurate scanning and documentation
Zadar Archaeological Museum 

About us

Via Kornel Rijeka – is a team of young, educated and highly educated people specializing in projects of advanced 3D modeling and reversible engineering in the field of maritime, small shipbuilding, 3D reconstruction of historical objects and vessels, industrial design, development of prototypes.

We offer optimization of designed 3D models for the needs of their creation with the application and use of technologies such as 3D printing and CNC processing.

Frequently asked questions

Why hire ViaKornel?

ViaKornel has the specific knowledge and skills needed to make successful business decisions. Our suggestions and advice come from years of experience in this field. Hiring ViaKornel saves you time, money and energy and increases the competitiveness of your company.

Prices of services?

We form prices based on the complexity of your project. Send us an inquiry via the contact form

Method of payment and delivery?

In most cases, payment is made on the principle of 40% in advance, and 60% after handing over the finished project. However, our approach to work also allows for a more flexible agreement with clients regarding payment methods in the case of more complex projects.

Contact us for a free consultation or to form the price of the service.