Our services in the domain

of boatbuilding and maritime industry

3d modeliranje

      Shipbuilding and small floating structures

  • 3D modeling and marine 3D visualizations
  • 3D scanning and 3D documentation
  • technical documentation (CAD/CAM)
  • ship interior design and workshop documentation
  • small floating structure projects
  • 3D model optimisation for CNC processing and 3D printing
  • boat and classic yacht conceptual design
elektro i solarni pogon

Electro boats and solar powered boats

  • design and project development
  • conceptual design
  • CAD/CAM technical documentations
  • hydrostatics and stability calculations
  • boat production proces optimisation
  • new and innovative solutions
  • boat kit development
drvena brodogradnja

Ship and classic yacht interiors

  • ship interiors - 3D scanning, design and workshop documentation
  • 3D scanning and 3D documentation
  • 3D visualizations and design of interior elements and ship equipment
  • drawing lines & shapes based on 3D scanning
  • historic ship 3D reconstructions
  • damaged/missing parts 3D scanning and optimization for rapid manufacturing

By using advance 3D modeling and reversible engineering, along with the active use of 3D scanning, we are able to carry out design and engineering projects, as well as development of ship specific equipment, ship interior elements, complex and non-standard parts of the ship such as wooden decks, wooden and metal decorative parts, molds for making complex hull or cabin forms etc.

For all newly designed or existing 3D models, we are able to offer the service of optimization and creation of their CAD / CAM documentation for production using the technologies of CNC processing, industrial 3D printing, plasma/water cutting, laser engraving, mold making - fiberglass, epoxy resin, modeling mass …

Who do we work with?

3d vizualizacije

shipbuilding design offices

boatbuilders and conservators

ship interior designers



Fast and accurate scanning and documentation
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