3D reconstructions and 3D scanning

We offer design and 3D reconstruction services of destroyed, damaged or currently hard to find items on market

3d rekonstrukcija

Our services:

  • reverse engeneering and advance 3D modeling

  • 3D scanning and 3D documentation
  • designing elements and creating 3D visualizations based on 3D scanned objects and objects
  • izrada nacrta i radioničke dokumentacije na temelju skeniranjem dobivenih podataka
  • optimization of 3D reconstructed models for the needs of 3D printing and CNC processing

  • 3D printing of elements

  • CNC production of damaged or missing elements

  • CNC lasersko izrezivanje šablona, uzoraka, elemenata konstrukcije

  • creation of 3D models of molds made of fiberglass or silicone for the needs of making replicas or destroyed parts

  • virtual technical documentation; virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR applications)

Brzo, precizno i cjenovno prihvatljivo izrađujemo 3D modele korištenjem tehnologija  3D modeliranja i 3D skeniranja.

We can offer design and workshop documentation, 3D visualization and 3D animations for each model.

Why use our technologies and services?

- we increase productivity

- we speed up the design process

- we speed up the development and production process

- we increase profits

- we reduce costs

- we minimize field work

Glavni koraci u projektu 3D rekonstrukcije

3D scanning

3D modeling

technical / workshop documentation

gotov projekt s cjelokupnom CAD/CAM dokumentacijom

Primjeri s prednostima korištenja naših usluga izrade 3D rekonstrukcija

Fast production and reconstruction of the damaged part of the statue - production of replacement elements in 5 working days

The damaged sculpture of the crucifix had a damaged head, so the shape of the found sculpture is almost identical, and the same was scanned in 3D. Then the 3D model was scaled and optimized for the purposes of making a replica by 3D printing. After the "new" head of the crucifix was 3D printed, that part was ready to be installed on the original statue...

Wooden doors with unique ornaments - 3D reconstructed & optimized for CNC manufacturing, doors made within 4 working days

It no longer made sense to restore the damaged and worn out wooden entrance door, and due to the request of the conservator, a complete 3D reconstruction and creation of its replica were started. Decorative elements are 3D scanned, reversibly 3D modeled, and optimized for production by CNC milling.

A 900-year-old ship documented in just 6 working hours

Instead of carrying out time-consuming manual measurement, sketching and documentation of such a demanding object (which would take up to a month, and not as precise as in the case of 3D scanning) The main advantage? The highly sensitive, 900-year-old ship structure could be fully 3D reconstructed down to the smallest detail (scan accuracy 0.01 mm) without any additional need for surveying, fieldwork, or disassembly of the historic ship structure.

Style 6

Fast and accurate scanning and documentation
Zadar Archaeological Museum 

Odlična suradnja s Nikolom te brzo 3D skeniranje, 3D dokumentiranje, optimizacija  dostavljenih podataka
SVEUČILIŠTE U ZAGREBU Akademija likovnih