Studio workshop

Using laser cutting and engraving, CNC carving and 3D printing technologies, our team fast, highly precise, and cost effective produce newly designed or reconstructed elements from wide range of quality materials.

CAD /CAM tehnologiju dizajniranja i proizvodnje potpomognute računalima karakteriziraju dva glavna svojstva; speed and exceptional precision of object creation.

By implementing such production technologies with the use of 3D scanning and advanced 3D modeling, we are able to solve problems related to the production further development of your project on a daily basis.

Temeljem stečenog znanja i iskustva, stvaramo detaljne, kreativne i funkcionalne modele, prototipove, gravure, 3D natpise i reljefe, ali i ozbiljnije radove poput elemenata brodskih interijera, namještaja, kalupa, šablona,itd…

cnc graviranje

Our services:

  • CNC laser engraving / laser cutting
  • CNC milling / carvings
  • CNC figure and ornament carving
  • interior elements - design and CNC production optimisation
  • production of wooden signs, carved 3D letters and figures
  • 3D printed scale model manufacturing
  • custom LED signs and plexiglass LED art, wood signs, carved letters and 3D carvings
  • 3D print
  • vacuum forming
  • mold design and casting ( plaster, silicone and fiberglass molds )
  • 3D sign and 3D letters manufacturing


Ship, yacht and wooden boatbuilding interior engineering

CNC carvings

3D signs and 3D letters

plexiglass LED signs and art

3D printed scale models

Our team provides fast, precise, and cost-effective 3D model optimization for manufacturing by using CNC and 3D print technologies.

Based on the acquired knowledge and experience, we create detailed 3D printed scale models, prototypes, CNC engravings and carvings, but also develop more serious projects such as elements of ship interiors, complex furniture, molds, figures, etc.

Materials we work with 

  • different types of wood and plywood
  • plexiglass
  • cardboards
  • epoxy resins
  • modeling materials
  • PLA,PETG,ABS and SLA 3D printing materials
  • silicone and fiberglass molds
  • thin metal sheets and their imitations