Our services in the domain

of boatbuilding and maritime industry

mala brodogradnja

Projects from the field of boat building

  • 3D modeling and marine 3D visualizations
  • boat and classic yacht conceptual design
  • 3D scanning and 3D documentation
  • technical documentation (CAD/CAM)
  • ship interior design and workshop documentation
  • small floating structure projects
  • 3D model optimisation for CNC processing and 3D printing
interijeri brodova

Ship and classic yacht interiors

  • ship interiors - 3D scanning, design and workshop documentation
  • 3D scanning and 3D documentation
  • 3D vizualizacije i dizajn elemenata interijera i opreme 
  • drawing lines and shapes based on 3D scanning
  • historic ship 3D reconstructions
  • damaged/missing parts 3D scanning and optimization for rapid manufacturing


3D scanning and photogrammetry documentation

The first phase of our work - gathering information about the situation on the vessel and preliminary work / optimisation of the received 3D scanned documentation


Design and reverse engineering

with our services we always tray to speed up and unify the process of 3D scanning, 3D designing and reverse engineering of custom designed ship interiors and fittings.

Based on the client's request, we can create a new design or optimise / prepare alredy existing designs / renders / solutions for fast and quality manufacturing.


Workshop documentation

With use of reversible enginerring tools and specialised softwares during overhaul/refit/construction process; we can provide fast and precise workshop documentation development for custom design elements, parts and decorations by using benefits of modern production technologies such as CNC laser/waterjet/cutting, CNC carvings, 3D printing, mold design etc..


Manufacturing supervision and optimization

Development of specific assembly instructions, graphically attractive 3D visualizations and assembly animations in order to speed up and maximally simplify the process of mounting and assembling of designed elements. Monitoring a list of used and fitted materials, keeping and cheking of volumes, mass and positions lists of mounted parts/elements for naval architecture calculations needs.


Fast and accurate scanning and documentation
Zadar Archaeological Museum