Wreck of the ship Vis - 3D reconstruction of the wreck for the needs of making a 3D printed model




 Private shipbuilder

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3D reconstructions

About the project

olupine broda vis

The cargo steamer Vis was built in 1921 in Great Britain, and sank on February 13, 1946 in Northern Kvarner after encountering a remaining underwater mine from the Second World War.

After only ten minutes after hitting the mine, the ship sank to a depth of 60 m. A 3D model of the ship was created based on the received drawings and relevant images, and it was used for the needs of the 3D visualization of the shipwreck current condition alike as for creating a 3D printed shipwreck model.

The main characteristics of the VIS ship; length: 79 m, width 12.5 m, displacement 1772 GRT.