Aligator - light electric work boat




Vigo Werkzeug-Decorprodukte UG, Germany

Project type:   

Maritime digitalization & Virtual prototyping

About the project

laka radna elektro brodica

Aligator - light electric work boat The conceptual design was fully developed by the ViaKornel team in 2022

Intended for wide application of light work operations in the area of inland waters such as rivers, lakes, and harbors. With a shallow draft, which allows it to dock in shallow waters, it is characterized by a wide working space for this category of boat. Alligator – light electric catamaran is ideal vessel for carrying out numerous work activities, as well as recreational and sports activities, transportation of light loads, etc. The hull is made of fiberglass with aluminum reinforcements, boat deck is covered with perforated reinforced sheet metal.

Length: 5.95 m Width 2.4 m Draft: 45 cm Load capacity: 650 kg Drive: electric