Bumblebee light electro catamaran


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Maritime digitalization & Virtual prototyping

About the project

Bumbar - laki elektro katamaran

Bumblebee light electro catamaran

ViaKornel studio for 3D modeling and development of prototypes- started in 2022 with the development and designing of its own new and innovative project: BUMBLEBEE light electro catamaran powered by solar panels. Project of a light catamaran include fully modular design, primarily intended for sailing in calm / inland waters such as canals, rivers, lakes, harbors, bays, fjords.... Newly designed hull can be used for three basic variants of the boat; and they are defined as; private “daily pocket yacht” (most luxurious variant), tourist /rental type and work boat version.

BUMBLEBEE electric catamaran is defined as small in size, but agile and easy to operate, ideal for coastal cruising with possibility for lot and simply docking /anchoring. They are designed for easy, comfortable and pleasant navigation in narrow channels, shallow bays, ports, marinas, urban waterfronts, coastal cruising... Their relatively small draft, even when fully loaded, should enable them to navigate and "ease passing through" very shallow waters, canals, river deltas, shallow coasts, lakes, even in dry period of the year or in low tide..

BUMBLEBEE category C (inland waters)

Length: 5m Width: 2.25 m Max draft: 0.45 m Load capacity: 800 kg / 6 adult persons

Navigation category: D     – internal waters; rivers, lakes, canals, port areas

BUMBLEBEE category C /D (inland waters)

Length: 5m Width: 2.4 m Max draft: 0.45 m Load capacity: 1000 kg / 8 adult persons

Navigation category: C/D  – internal waters; rivers, lakes, canals, port areas

BUMBLEBEE light electric catamaran is designed with the main guideline that the entire, produced boat model can be easily transported inside just only one 20-foot shipping container (Bumblebee 5,5 m) or on an open container (flat rack) in case of Bumblebee 5.9 m hull. In both cases, there is no need for boat dismantling - the only two requirements will be to lower the roof and subsequently install side fenders. The complete boat design, project development, and the entire technical documentation are developed within the ViaKornel team, and therefore they are 100% intellectual property of ViaKornel company. The design and conceptual phase of the project has been completed, and the workshop and technical documentation is currently being prepared.