Condura Croatica – Boat – 3D reconstruction




Zadar Archaeological Museum

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3D reconstruction and 3D modeling

About the project

condura croatia

Condura Croatica - Work on the 900 hundred years old wooden ship revision project that includes complete 3D reconstruction and development of its detailed 2D CAD documentation.

As part of the Condura Croatica shipwreck project MNS 2530 (official designation), a detailed historical ship 3D reconstruction with all innerstructural elements (ship plating, frames, keel, stems, mast, etc.) was made. By creating detailed and photo-realistic 3D visualizations, the ship was given the look how it looked like 900 years ago when it was still sailing the Adriatic Sea. The wreck of this extremely important ship for Croatian history was found at the entrance to the city of Nin in 1966, and the ship itself dates back to the end of the 11th century.

Using the methodology of reversible 3D modeling based on 3D scanning, ViaKornel has successfully completed the project of 3D documentation, 3D reconstruction and ship plans development of this extremely famous wooden shipwreck. The project involved using of the latest 3D documentation technologies, such as the use of ultra-precise 3D scanning (0,01 mm precision) and specialized reverse 3D modeling.

The wrecks of the ships, along with their associated reconstruction of the missing parts, are on display in the City of Nin, in the Museum of Nin Antiquities.