Rowing gig Nana




 Patrick Bigand

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Wooden shipbuilding and traditional ships

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drveni čamac Nana

Rowing gig Nana  (engbuilt around 1900 by Fernand Delmez

Nana is a French rowing gig, built circa 1900 by Fernand Delmez. Nana was found by the current owner Patrick Bigand in 1993 in the stables of a castle overlooking the river Seine at Les Andelys. Upon hearing that the French 19 th writer Emile Zola, who had a house on the bank of the Seine not far from Poissy sur Seine, had ordered a boat similar to Nana from Fernand Delmez, Patrick Bigand decided to call the boat Nana, from the title of one of the most famous novels by Zola.

She has been returned to rowing condition and now occasionally sails the waters of the Canal de Nantes à Brest, in Brittany.

The ViaKornel team performed a detailed reversible boat 3D modeling based on the received 3D scanned documentation.

Dimensions: Length: 6.90 m Width: 1.3 m Weight: 80 kg.

Boat 3D model was used for the creation of 2D documentation and boat plans, 3D visualizations, and 3D model optimization for boat scale model manufacturing with 3D printing technology.