LALLIE YACHT – Remont kabine




Vela Yacht, Šibenik

Project type:   

Reverse 3D modeling & interior engineering of classic yacht cabin.

About the project

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During ship refit process yacht cabin was fully reconstructed including furniture, walls, floor, insulation etc.. For that purposes, 3D scanning, reverse 3D modeling, model optimization for CNC production, like as nesting & material list, and workshop documentation was carried out by ViaKornel team.

Brief technical presentation of key steps in this 3D refit project. 3D scanned data was used as a substitute for hours and hours of unnecessary manual space surveying, and then, based on reversible engineering, complete CAD / CAM design and technical documentation of each individual element was performed.

Through reversible engineering, a detailed 3D model of the future state of the cabin was created, including all structural elements that were to be manufactured with specific joints, slots and cutouts foreseen for quick assembly. A nesting and material list was made for each individual element, with a description of the position and a display of the assembly, also all necessary templates were made for the exact positioning of the curved elements. 3D visualizations and animation of the future appearance of the cabin are developed in order to simplify and speed up the process of mounting and final positioning of the elements.

By using this approach of reversible engineering during the reconstruction of the ship's cabin, there was a significant saving of time due to the fact that the entire 3D design and workshop documentation was performed while the ship was still in the sandblasting phase, and during that time the entire furniture and interior elements could be made and subsequently simply installed in their corresponding position.

In the mentioned project we cooperate with well-known company; VELA Yacht, a company specialized in the production of luxury and custom-made furniture / boat interiors.