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 LNG Croatia

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Shipbuilding and vessels

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lng croatia

For the purposes of creating a detailed 3D printed model of the ship LNG Croatia in a scale of 1:100, it was necessary to optimize the existing technical documentation for the needs of 3D printing of the model.

As part of the order, it was necessary to create 1 prototype and further development and production of a mini series of a 20 3D printed ship models.

The entire process included reversible 3D modeling based on the received drawings and technical documentation, separation of elements for different 3D printing technologies (PLA & SLA technology), and optimization for CNC laser cutting and CNC processing. A special graphic design was also applied for the needs of printing and making miniature inscriptions, markings and symbols on models.

Based on the developed 3D model, photorealistic 3D visualizations of the ship were performed, as well as pre-prepared material for the possible future development of an attractive virtual ship model - which can be displayed with the use of augmented reality technology (eng. AR /VR app - augmented and virtual reality applications).