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Maritime digitalization & Virtual prototyping

About the project

uptz rijeka

UPTZ Rijeka - A new concept of a competition boat - a light electric boat powered by solar panels was developed by the Association of Applied Technical Sciences Rijeka.

In this case, Via Kornel - a studio for specialized 3D modeling and prototype development, was in charge of providing technical support, consultation and specialized 3D modeling throughout the entire process of designing and developing the conceptual concept of this project; solar-powered competition boat.

ViaKornel participated in the redesign and optimization of certain elements of the existing hull, optimization of 3D models for the development of 2D CAD (draft documentation) for CNC cutting of materials using water jet technology (eng. Water jet CNC cutting), reversible engineering and 3D modeling was included. design, development and production of 3D printed molds for the bow of the ship, graphic design 3D visualization of the future appearance of the ship and preparation for 3D printing and CNC production of elements within the interior of the ship.