Condura Croatica – Ship 01 – exhibit number; MNS 2530

Project description

Team of ViaKornel engineers and 3D modelling specialists accomplished 3D documentation, 3D restoration and historical 3D reconstruction project of famous Croatian medieval boat Condura Croatica. This exceptional ship reconstruction project in domain of maritime archeology involved completing the 2D CAD documentation and detailed 3D model reconstruction of two shipwrecks located in the small town of Nin in the Museum of Nin Antiquities. The ships were originally found at the port of entrance of Nin in 1966—but actually date back to the end of the 11th century. They represent a significant important for Croatian maritime heritage.

ViaKornel in this project used 3D scaning technology to finalize a complete 3D reconstruction of the shipwrecks with existing and missing parts. In addition, ViaKornel designing team developed a 3D model and detailed photorealistic ship 3D visualizations of the ships’ hulls that accurately represents how the ships used to look.