Passenger/Tourist Catamaran – an example of Augmented Reality – virtual 3D model

Project description

The development of technology has enabled the use of 3D Augmented Reality virtual models, in addition to traditional models that are used in architecture, shipbuilding, aviation and other technical professions. With such virtual models it is possible to display almost all the most important elements of the desired object, its shape, design, specifics and, if necessary, the actual size. Furthermore, the great advantage of this form of 3D “model” is the possibility of accommodating a variety of animations, textual information, the ability to enlarge/reduce the model, of rotating it, showing a cross-section, etc.

Using this 3D model for advertising purposes is ideal as, unlike classic models, it requires basically no effort to transport it to the chosen destination, instead by just pointing your smartphone or 3D glasses at the desired marker (in this case an image of a ship model) and activating an app the viewing of the 3D model can begin.