Ulstein X – Bow ship concept

Project description

X -bow is a unique bow design which was introduced by the Ulstein Group of Norway in 2006. Since then the design has received great positive reviews from around the world and is now used on several vessels. X-bow is a “backward sloping bow” or an inverted ship bow design which is used for increasing the fuel efficiency and safety of the vessel at sea. This design helps the vessel to cut through the waves and improve overall stability, especially in heavy waves. The X bow hull design ships provides smoother movement of the ship with less slamming, which also makes living and working environment on the vessel better and reduces the chances of cargo shifting. Bourbon Orca was the first ship launched by Ulstein with an X bow design in 2006.

This 3D model is used as case study for ViaKornel team in domain of Marine 3D modeling by Alexandre Galin Rhino 3D tutorials. Same 3D model will be also used for some future Augmented reality applications.